Predictive Maintenance System

Award-winning predictive maintenance solution that detects machine failures early and lets you see the source of the failure.

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Get rid of unexpected failures

AI-powered Industry 4.0 solution for optimal asset performance

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ThingsOn Predictive Maintenance System monitors the operating conditions of your assets in real time and detects failures in advance.

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See possible malfunctions in advance

Switch from periodic maintenance to predictive maintenance

Get rid of unexpected breakdowns with technology that constantly monitors and analyzes the conditions of your machines and warns you before a malfunction occurs. Reduce your maintenance costs, avoid downtime and avoid expensive equipment damage. 

See the source of the problem with artificial intelligence

Don't bother diagnosing the problem

In addition to seeing the fault approaching, also see the source of the problem that caused the fault. The ThingsOn Predictive Maintenance System detects the source of the fault using precise vibration analysis and advanced algorithms.

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Automatic notifications & ERP/PM integration

Access from anywhere & autonomous maintenance management

When the ThingsOn Predictive Maintenance System detects a problem, it sends a notification directing the relevant personnel to the source of the fault.

If you are using a maintenance management system, it also creates an automatic maintenance work order record.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is predictive maintenance system

ThingsOn Predictive Maintenance Systemis an Industry 4.0 solution that detects possible malfunctions in machines by analyzing vibration data. Endüstri 4.0 çözümüdür. Sistemin amacı arızalanmaya başlayan parçayı erkenden tespit ederek kesinti oluşmadan önce müdahale edilmesine olanak sağlamaktır.


How does it work?

The system consists of three main components.

Vibration Sensor: It is a measuring device that makes precise vibration measurement, has wired and wireless connection options, and communicates with the IoT Gateway.

IoT Gateway: It is a device that collects sensor data and sends processed data to the platform by performing spectrum analysis. Four sensors can be connected to one device. It has Profinet, TCP/IP and 4-20mA inputs to get speed information from the motor.

IoT Platform: It is used to store, analyze, monitor and generate notifications of processed data from sensors. It is offered with cloud-based SaaS and on-premise options.

Key benefits

The predictive maintenance system's ability to predict potential failures is very useful for scheduling maintenance, improving asset performance and preventing unplanned downtime.

  • Reducing unplanned downtime
  • Savings by increasing product quality with equipment operating at optimum performance levels
  • Elimination of wasted production costs when making unplanned repairs
  • Delivering products on time with reliable equipment

What problems does it detect

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Why ThingsOn Predictive Maintenance System?

Fault Source Detection

It detects in advance which part of the machine will malfunction.

Web Based Monitoring

Easy access from anywhere, any device.

Fast ROI

Fast return on investment with reasonable cost of ownership and avoidance of cost losses.

Turnkey Project

Sensor, gateway, platform, consulting and commissioning all in one.

Group 4

Sensor with 5 Year Warranty

Sensors with a 5-year warranty, designed to operate in the toughest conditions.

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