Machine Monitoring System

Cloud-based machine monitoring, management and remote service system for machine builders.

Machine Monitoring System

We transform the way you sell machines

End-to-end IoT and Industry 4.0 for your machines

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Improve your machines, see what you need to do to make them run more efficiently, manage/update your machines remotely and deliver new applications to your customers with the ThingsOn machine monitoring system.

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Connect your machines to cloud and monitor them remotely

IoT Gateway, cloud platform and deployment

Easily connect to cloud regardless of the location and type of your machine. Easily transfer important data for your business via HMI, PLC, I/O or API. Access monitoring screens in minutes and see how your machines are working from anywhere.

Manage & update your machines remotely

Significantly reduce your field visits

Securely connect to your machines, detect problems, change settings and send software updates to thousands of machines simultaneously with one click.

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Anticipate potential failures

Move forward with predictive maintenance

ThingsOn Machine Monitoring System offers simple-to-use yet advanced technology tools for condition monitoring, anomaly detection, and machine learning. In this way, it allows you to predict when your machines will break down.


Offer next-generation services to your customers

Build new revenue models

Define the authorizations that your customers can monitor their own machines, make better use of your machine. Solve their problems by making ready-made modules such as OEE, MTBF, MTTR, ERP integration available.


Our Technology, Your Brand

ThingsOn machine monitoring system serves with your logo. We provide and manage all the infrastructure, your customer knows you.

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ThingsOn Makine İzleme Animasyon

ThingsOn Machine Monitoring System is the IoT and Industry 4.0 solution that enables connecting, collecting data, managing remotely, and analyzing big data to the cloud for any machine you manufacture or sell. Reduces field visits with remote update technology, such as showing how your machines are used, how efficiently they work, and when they will fail. IoT ve Endüstri 4.0 çözümüdür. Makinelerinizin nasıl kullanıldığını, ne kadar verimli çalıştığını ve ne zaman arızalanacağını gösterdiği gibi uzaktan güncelleme teknolojisi ile saha ziyaretlerini azaltır.


ThingsOn Makine İzleme Animasyon

ThingsOn machine monitoring system consists of two key components.

IoT Gateway: It is responsible for collecting real-time data by connecting the automation equipment of your machines and transmitting the commands from the cloud platform to the automation equipment. It has built-in I/O, ethernet, RS-485, WI-FI and GSM features. There is a SCADA-like programming interface running on Linux inside the device. In this way, it easily collects data from all kinds of equipment, processes it, sends it to the cloud and securely sends the commands from the cloud to your machine.

IoT Platform: It is responsible for tasks such as processing, storing, monitoring, running algorithms, and sending commands back from your machine. With its application designer, rules engine, big data, alarm management and multi-tenant architecture, it makes it easier and faster than ever to design custom applications for your machines.

ThingsOn is a cloud native platform and scales automatically. In this way, there will never be any performance problems. More than 30 billion IoT data is managed on the platform, according to April 2021 measurements.

IoT Gateway and IoT Platform that make up the ThingsOn machine monitoring system are so flexible that we can say that they support whatever machine you have. The system is concerned with data sources and functions, not the type of machine. If your machine has a PLC, HMI, driver, sensor, computer or API, it is compatible with ThingsOn.


It couldn't be easier! The commissioning time we foresee for even the most complex machine types is around 8-48 hours. 

  1. We provide the IoT Gateway and help you connect it.
  2. We identify and extract the data to be transferred to the cloud together with you.
  3. If you want to send commands to your machine from the cloud or update software, we also program it.
  4. We classify the data transferred to the cloud in the format you want, program the rules/algorithms and design the monitoring screens.
  5. We define user accounts, if your customers will access them, we define special accounts and authorizations.
  6. We run tests, train and deliver your portal to you.

ThingsOn is a bank-level secure system and is actively used by companies with extremely strict security policies. Your data is probably much safer when in the ThingsOn Cloud than it is in your local IT resources.

Transport Layer Security (TLS): All data traffic between IoT Gateway and IoT Platform is encrypted with 256bit TLS algorithm.

Contact us for information about other security measures and certifications.

Definitely not! We are here so that you don't waste your time with systems that are open to questioning success at the end of the day, while enduring crazy R&D and project costs. You just buy the IoT Gateway and pay us a few man/days of service for commissioning. Afterwards, it proceeds as a pay-as-you-go subscription model. The last concern for ThingsOn customers is cost.

Why ThingsOn Machine Monitoring System?

Earn From Day One

Connect your machines to the cloud at a negligible cost.

Quick Setup

Forget long R&D periods. Make your machines smart in hours.

Turnkey Project

IoT Gateway, cloud platform, consulting and deployment all in one.

High technology

Get the job done without worrying about integration, performance, and security.

Strong References

Get started right away with a platform that is used and that really pays off.

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