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ThingsOn offers all the technology and experience you will need for digital transformation. Data collection devices, IIoT platform, ready-made solutions, commissioning and more…

Industrial IoT

Production Monitoring

Process Monitoring

Predictive Maintenance

Big Data


Production Monitoring System

End-to-end digital transformation for manufacturing facilities

OEE Suite is an OEE solution that allows you to see factory performance, quality and usability score using real-time production data collected from machines. It makes it possible to see production, the status of orders, your maintenance and quality performance and the causative factors on a single platform.

Production Monitoring System
Kestirimci Bakım Sistemi Dashboard

Predictive Maintenance System

Anticipate potential equipment failures

Predictive Maintenance Suite is a predictive maintenance system that can detect and notify you of potential failures before they occur by analyzing the vibration, temperature and energy signals generated by critical equipment while it is operating.

Machine Monitoring System

Cloud-based Industry 4.0 solution for machine builders.

Machine Suite, ürettiğiniz yada satışını yaptığınız makineleri buluta bağlayarak izlemeyi, uzaktan yönetmeyi/güncellemeyi ve bakım gereksinimlerini önceden görmenizi sağlayan Endüstri 4.0 çözümüdür.

Machine Monitoring System

Our Featured Customers

Serkan Çiftçi
Serkan ÇiftçiSales Manager
Read More
In IoT and productivity analysis applications performed by ThingsOn, We have the opportunity to work together within the scope of collecting data from machines and transmitting this data to the ThingsOn IoT platform. Providing high level of customer satisfaction thanks to powerful and flexible software solutions Hope to take part in many more successful applications with VOLSOFT.
Buğra Kurugöllü
Buğra KurugöllüIoT Businness Development
Çalışma Yüzeyi 1Read More
ThingsOn offers value-added solutions with the solutions it offers on the IoT platform side and its flexibility on the integration side. We thank the ThingsOn team for their support and contribution.
Özgür Doğar
Özgür DoğarProject Manager
Çalışma Yüzeyi 1Read More
ThingsOn provided IoT-oriented big data service and developed an Industry 4.0 system in our collaborative projects, as well as quickly resolved third-party integrations. Thanks to the ThingsOn team for their strong solutions and valuable contribution.
İrem Ünal
İrem ÜnalDigital Transformation Solutions Manager
Artboard 1Read More
In addition to its end-to-end digital transformation and IoT expertise, ThingsOn offered fast and flexible solutions with high added value for our different technology needs. We would like to thank the ThingsOn team, who stood by us as our solution partner and partner in many projects together and did not spare their support.

ThingsOn Industry 4.0 Platform

ThingsOn Industry 4.0 Platform offers all the necessary solutions for digital transformation in the industry.

See & improve OEE

See planned/unplanned stops

See solid/scrap quantities

See / reduce production cost

Make your deadlines consistent

Monitor your production from anywhere

See orders and work orders

See & improve process data

Avoid production losses with data

Work uninterrupted with predictive maintenance

Make it flawless with Poka Yoke

Integrate with your ERP system

Project images to Andon screens

Design forms and collect user data

ThingsOn Industry 4.0 platform offers a true Industry 4.0 experience unlike traditional applications.

ThingsOn Industry 4.0 Devices

Smart technologies for machine data collection

Endüstri 4.0 Cihazı 1

Industrial Gateway

It is our gateway product running embedded ThingsOn Edge software. It collects data from machines via TCP IP, Serial and I/O and sends it to the platform.

Endüstri 4.0 Tableti

Industrial Panel PC

It is our Android based panel PC product with a 10.1 inch touch screen. It has similar features with Industrial Gateway and supports data entry.

IIoT Gateway

IIoT Gateway

It is our IIoT gateway product that offers a rich communication capability, including analog and digital signals. Supports LTE for remote connection.

Endüstri 4.0 Haberleşme Protokolleri

ThingsOn Edge Technology

Digital transformation begins with the acquisition of machine data. ThingsOn Edge Technology is edge software that makes accessing this data easier and less costly than ever before. Able to run on any device running Linux and Windows operating systems, ThingsOn Edge establishes a secure and real-time connection between your machines and the platform.

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