ThingsOn IoT Platform

IoT Platform for digital transformation

ThingsOn IoT Platform is an Internet of Things development platform that offers all the requirements, including data collection, storage, interpretation, visualization and advanced analytical tools such as AI, ML.







End-to-end IoT Platform

Get the fastest result without worrying about technical challenges: data collection, visualization, rules, analytics and more...

IoT as easy as possible

Create IoT applications with drag-and-drop convenience and significantly reduce project times using built-in tools.

Flexible license models

PaaS, PaaP ve On-Premise seçenekleri ile işinize en uygun lisans modelini seçin, hızlı ve uygun maliyetli başlayın.

Easily connect any device

Collecting data from the field has never been easier

ThingsOn IoT Platform Connectivity Options

IoT consists of connected equipment, so you have to adapt to various communication protocols that you will encounter in your projects. ThingsOn IoT Platform includes ready-made technologies that make this very easy for you.

Easily visualize your data

Visualize even the most complex data in minutes

ThingsOn IoT Platform Data Visualization

Design your own vertical applications with advanced interpretation tools and cockpit designer that allow both real-time and date-based monitoring of data from the field.

Design rules specific to your business

Create automatic actions based on device conditions

ThingsOn IoT Platform Rule Engine

ThingsOn has a rule designer that allows you to take actions for different conditions for devices and equipment. For example, the operating speed of a production robot, the temperature of the oven, the vibration values of the motor, etc. You can create rules that monitor multiple scenarios and alert you or send commands back to the machine.   

Our Featured Customers

Serkan Çiftçi
Serkan ÇiftçiSales Manager
Read More
In IoT and productivity analysis applications performed by ThingsOn, We have the opportunity to work together within the scope of collecting data from machines and transmitting this data to the ThingsOn IoT platform. Providing high level of customer satisfaction thanks to powerful and flexible software solutions Hope to take part in many more successful applications with VOLSOFT.
Buğra Kurugöllü
Buğra KurugöllüIoT Businness Development
Çalışma Yüzeyi 1Read More
ThingsOn offers value-added solutions with the solutions it offers on the IoT platform side and its flexibility on the integration side. We thank the ThingsOn team for their support and contribution.
Özgür Doğar
Özgür DoğarProject Manager
Çalışma Yüzeyi 1Read More
ThingsOn provided IoT-oriented big data service and developed an Industry 4.0 system in our collaborative projects, as well as quickly resolved third-party integrations. Thanks to the ThingsOn team for their strong solutions and valuable contribution.
İrem Ünal
İrem ÜnalDigital Transformation Solutions Manager
Artboard 1Read More
In addition to its end-to-end digital transformation and IoT expertise, ThingsOn offered fast and flexible solutions with high added value for our different technology needs. We would like to thank the ThingsOn team, who stood by us as our solution partner and partner in many projects together and did not spare their support.


End-to-end digital transformation solutions

The Internet of Things triggered digital transformation, one of the biggest changes in the history of civilization. ThingsOn IoT solutions are ready and proven technologies to best capture this change.

Fabrikalar için IoT Çözümleri

Industry 4.0 Solutions

Connected machines, real-time efficiency measurement, OEE and predictive maintenance.

Makine Üreticileri için IoT Çözümleri

IoT for Machine Builders

Cloud-connected field machines, real-time visibility, remote service and fault prediction.

Akıllı Enerji için IoT Çözümleri

IoT for Smart Energy

Energy distribution monitoring, consumption estimation, savings suggestions and more.

Akıllı Şehirler için IoT Çözümleri

IoT for Smart Cities

Traffic monitoring, energy consumption monitoring, smart lighting, asset management and much more.

Akıllı Lojistik için IoT Çözümleri

IoT for Smart Logistics

Connected vehicles, smart delivery, smart warehouse, route optimization and more.

İşe Özel IoT Çözümleri

Custom IoT Projects

Didn't find what you were looking for? Let's develop custom IoT solutions for your business.

Communication Protocols

Rule Designer

Dashboard Designer

Big Data / Fast Data

Development Environment (JS)

Multi-Tenant Architecture

Remote Device Management

Integrated ML & AI Tools

Are you ready for digital transformation?

Flexible, Easy, Smart and Secure

ThingsOn is a complete IoT software to connect devices anywhere, collect data, remotely manage, store, monitor and analyze data. IoT yazılımıdır.

IoT Knowledge Base

Read our IoT (Internet of Things) and digital transformation writings.

OPC UA Nedir
Endüstri 4.0

OPC UA Nedir?

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Endüstri 4.0

OEE Nasıl İyileştirilir

Modern Endüstri tesislerinde ki en büyük sorunlardan birisi tesisteki üretim ve harcanan kaynaklar gibi en temel parametrelerin tam olarak ölçülememesidir.

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Production Monitoring System
Endüstri 4.0

Endüstri 4.0 Nedir?

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